How to Treat Yourself With a Little More Kindness

Do you ever feel like you can be your own worst enemy and wish it could be different?

You’re not alone, most people are plagued with a negative internal dialog at one time or another. Learn how to start treating yourself with a little more kindness. My husband’s grandmother was one of those women who became sweeter the older she got. Grandma Ruth baked pies from peaches that grew in her backyard and made biscuits from scratch. I can still hear the sound of her voice in my head: nurturing, gentle, filled with reassurance. It’s a voice that always brings me comfort and helps me feel loved when self-love seems far away.

Imagine the Voice of Someone Who Adores You

When plagued by negative thoughts, try speaking to yourself in a different voice, the voice of someone who loves you unconditionally. Would the person you love the most speak in such harsh tones?

Ruth’s voice has been in my head lately as I have been reflecting on how we speak to ourselves. I have been thinking about thinking: obsession, negative self-talk, worn out thought patterns. Our minds can get into grooves sometimes where we address ourselves hurtfully, even hatefully.

The more we are overtaken by negative thoughts, the more likely they are to proliferate. But what if we spoke to ourselves in a different voice? I tried addressing myself in the voice of my husband’s grandmother and was amazed at how much calmer I felt, how much easier it was to be gentle to myself. These moments of invoking the person who loves you plant the seeds of becoming that kind person yourself.

Find a Practitioner to Help Ease Your Obsessive Thinking

Acupuncture also offers an effective treatment to help with obsessive thinking. In Chinese Medicine, there are several channels of the body that can require attention when you suffer from persistent negative thoughts. Nurturing the Spleen Channel, for instance, can help reduce overthinking and obsession. Soothing the Liver Channel helps with self-loathing, and treating the Lung Channel helps clear sadness and self-pity. Discussing the valences of your thought patterns with your Acupuncturist can help assist in drafting a treatment plan that attends to your particular needs.

Create Rituals of Self-Soothing Kindness

It’s easy to be self-soothing when you’re feeling pretty good, the challenge is to connect to a wiser and kinder part of yourself when you start spiraling towards negativity.  Along with acupuncture, practices such as yoga, self-massage, meditation, or walks in nature are known to lower cortisol levels. These rituals help relieve stress making it easier to begin the practice of addressing ourselves with kindness.


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