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The Blessing of a Woman’s Period And Why Menstruation is a Time to Relax

Nature provides some forced rituals that are an opportunity to restore and replenish our bodies, our period is one such ritual.

Okay, clearly you are wonder what I am talking about because perhaps your periods have been marked with PMS agitation, intense menstrual cramps and perhaps either constipation or diarrhea. What is to celebrate, you ask? Bare with me.

In our hurried and harried life no one gives us license to rest. There is always work to done domestically, professionally or both. Or how about hitting the gym thinking about how we have“slipped” in recent months or years…

I am here to declare on Day 1 (and perhaps Day 2 ) of your period you can have a reprieve. Of course there are duties that have to be accomplished, but there are many others that can simply wait.

Chinese medicine has much to say on the sacred time of menstruation and suggests that women try to reduce taxing situations, stay warm, eat nourishing food, avoid lifting heavy objects and get plenty of sleep. (Think The Red Tent.) Moreover, you can also be off the hook for sexual encounters because your body is working hard to move things out, not in.

It is a quiet and insular time. In this moment of rest, you may have a chance to have some insight into your body’s rhythms or even into a situation that has been bothering you.

Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine are great at resolving symptoms “around period time,” that said, with some relaxing rituals and time to one’s self ,we may actually look forward to a break and remember that menstruation is a time to relax and renew.

Let  me know what works for you and how you rejuvenate your body  during your cycle.