Postpartum Depression: Why We Think It Will Never Happen to Us

The Best Time For Intercourse & Fertility: 100,000,000 Sperm or Bust

More sex doesn’t always equal better odds of getting pregnant. It’s undeniable that having sex in the time period when you’re actually ovulating is crucial to conception, where we’ve gotten it wrong is thing that more sex is better. How can that be you ask, more sex is always better. Isn’t it? Continue Reading


8 Things You Can Do to Increase Your Fertility

Getting pregnant can be the simplest thing in the world or the most complicated when it’s not going as planned. There can be so much pain and emotion associated with the struggles of conception. When a couple faces infertility issues and starts stressing about becoming pregnant, the added pressure and self doubt unfortunately don’t help the body get into a relaxed and receptive state conducive to getting pregnant.

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