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New IVF Techniques Worth Exploring But Raise Ethical Questions

I recently listened to a compelling discussion on “designer babies” the ethical issues surrounding screening embryos for chromosomal disorders and abnormalities before implantation. In-vitro fertilization (IVF) is a gift to those challenged with natural conception, but it does raise deep philosophical questions when we have the ability to predetermine the sex of a child or screen for the abnormalities that have been a part of our natural evolution.

Thanks to Dr. Michael J. Glassner for sharing his experience and insight. A new IVF technique called Next Generation Sequencing, leads us into uncharted territories. While many are quick to point out the cost-saving implications that these techniques present, there is so much more on the table. The process can screen the entire human genome and pinpoint not only common genetic problems in embryos, but trait such as hair color, eye color and potential height. The interview in it’s entirety can be found here. and I encourage you to listen and join in the discussion.