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I Love Coffee, But How Does Caffeine Affect My Fertility?

Caffeine may be so harmful in this instance because it causes vasoconstriction thus lessening the blood flow to the fetus.

Coffee is one of those simple pleasures that a true lover of the substance has a hard time parting with. While coffee has some great attributes, it can wreak havoc on the bodies ability to provide all that it can during pregnancy , especially if there are other challenges at play.

When answering the question “how does caffeine affect my fertility?”, I think of the physical and mental challenges that pregnancy puts us through, and in truth, it’s an amazing feat of nature that we fare so well. That said, the fatigue of first trimester pregnancy can be overwhelming, especially as women continue to meet the rigors of day-to-day life with great exhaustion. There can be a temptation to reach for a latte, coke, or hot chocolate for a caffeine boost. That, however, is unadvisable. A study conducted by Kaiser Permenente followed 1,063 pregnant women who never diminished their caffeine consumption in pregnancy. The findings were startling. Women who consumed 200 mg or more of caffeine per day – that’s 2 cups of coffee- were 2x as likely to miscarry. The researcher De-Kun Li, MD Phd, said that women that consumed less than 200 mg had upwards of a 40% chance of miscarriage.

Caffeine may be so harmful in this instance because it causes vasoconstriction thus lessening the blood flow to the fetus and perhaps because it crosses the placenta and the fetus can not metabolize it. Regardless of the findings, it’s very difficult for an outsider to say what you should do with your body. Having birthed two babies myself, I remember not being very excited to hear tidbits of quasi helpful information during my pregnancies. At the time, I did all I could to nourish those little beings growing in my belly and thankfully they were born without issue. You will have to make your own decisions of how you will nourish yourself and your babies, the thing I would recommend is that the more challenges you are experiencing, the more you may want to consider diet, rest and stress reduction to assist in the process.

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