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Get Instant Pain Relief With a Squeeze to the Hand

A simple way to relieve nausea and minor pain with some basic pressure points.

Day to day pain plagues millions of people around the world, by using a few simple pressure points, you can get immediate pain relief without the need for a doctor.  One of the most readily effective is a spot called Hegu or LI4, between the thumb and the fore finger that can help relieve nausea, headaches and general pain.

Laura Johannes of the WSJ describes how it works and a gadget that might help in a pinch. It isn’t known exactly how hegu works, says John C. Reed, director of inpatient services at the Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore. A recent human study found treating it with acupuncture needles increases blood flow to the face, an area where acupuncturists say it is likely to relieve pain. Other research suggests hegu may work by stimulating endorphins, proteins that are natural pain relievers, he adds. Read More.