There is a complicated working relationship between the senses, the emotions, and the immune system. If our senses can lead us to a “place of healing,” it is no surprise that our place in nature is of critical importance in an acupuncture practice or any medical practice for that matter. We now know that the health of the environment is closely linked to personal health and recent discoveries in neurobiology of the senses point to possibilities for creating hospitals, communities, and treatment rooms that promote healing their inhabitants.

Most of us explain what other people do in terms of their individual abilities, motives, and personality traits, even when their behavior can be in part attributed to situational forces. The ancients understood that some places had healing powers. Our surroundings are not just backdrops to our experiences of health and illness, but actually have an impact on the outcomes.

I have taken this approach to heart, for both my personal life and my acupuncture practice, carefully choosing all of the components for which I have control over to better support the art of living gracefully. From the paint on the walls to the products used in cleaning, I attempt to be cognizant of the impact these decisions have on the well being of everyone who spends time here. It is all part of a plan to support wellness in every way possible. Welcome.