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The Best Acupuncturist in Providence (Ratings and Reviews)

For a small city in the smallest state in the union, there are so many talented Acupuncturists in Providence, Rhode Island.

Each year I meet with hundreds of women regarding all types of issues relating to a woman’s well being, from fertility & depression to post-partum, and more general OBGYN issues. When there is a particular issue outside of my expertise, I refer patients to other experienced practitioners. Many of them have treated me over the years and others are colleagues that I hold in the highest regard. It is my pleasure to know these wonderful practitioners.

In no particular order, these are my favs.

Yvette Koch

A gentle soul with a vast knowledge base about Chinese Medicine.  A devoted learner, Yvette is always studying new ways to diagnose and treat her patients.  She has my utmost respect for her talent and way of setting patients at ease. (She also gets great results.)

Mary Claire Dilkes

Mary Claire is a lovely acupuncturist but is also probably the best trained TCM herbalist in the state, having completed an extensive post- grad program with Sharon Weizenbaum, who is considered to be a very big deal in the world of Chinese Medicine in the US.  Mary Claire dispenses herbs in both a powdered form – that you mix with warm water- and as an alcohol-based tincture.

Jen Balfour

All Acupuncturists have a solid grasp of Western medicine but I think with Jen’s Ph.d in Epidemiology is brings something extra to the table.  Jen is a firm and grounded individual who’s beloved by her patients. (Some of them even track me down in public places to sing her praises.)

Alicia Demartin

Alicia is probably the most well-accomplished practitioner in the field of Acupuncture in relation to Sports Medicine around.  As a competitive skier, who has had a number of injuries a long the way, she knows the frustration of being an athlete sidelined by injury.  Alicia had a successful clinic in Vail.  Recently, she has returned to New England to be with family and friends.

Sanford Lee

Sanford brings a wealth of experience to his treatments.  He primary uses Japanese techniques his practice.  I often refer patients to Sanford, especially ones that cannot climb stairs.  Sanford has a street level office.   Sanford is also a master Tai Chi practitioner.

Stephanie Fischer

To begin with I like, Stephanie a lot.  Don’t let her quiet demeanor throw you off, she knows her stuff.  Stephanie’s way of being is delightful and ultimately very appealing to her clientele, children.  Stephanie studied Shonishin, or Japanese pediatric Acupuncture, under Master Kuwahara.  Stephanie has treated both of my children with great results.

There are many talented practitioners in Providence, the list above are those that I have first hand experience with and regularly recommend. Finding the best acupuncturist in Providence or anywhere is as much about finding an experienced practitioner that knows how to treat your particular issues, as it is about finding the right fit for you. If you want some more ideas on choosing the best acupuncturist, read: 7 Qualities to Consider When Looking for the Best Acupuncture Treatment

Fell free to contact me with any questions, thoughts or suggestions. Cat.