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Anti-Cancer Foods: Starving a Tumor, Dr. William Li’s TED Talk [Video]

There’s a new school of thought about cancer that proposes that the next frontier in the ‘War Against Cancer’ is not about focusing on the tumors.


We often hear that eliminating certain foods from our diet will fend off cancer, namely animal products and charred foods. But what about the use, or medicinal use, of food to keep cancer at bay? Sure, we all know it’s great to eat lots of vegetables and antioxidants are good. But that’s pretty vague. We need more specific instructions. That’s why I like this Ted talk.

Dr.William Li argues that incorporating anti-angiogenic foods into our diet can actually starve a tumor.

What does this mean? Basically there’s a new school of thought about cancer. Before, we believed that our bodies were cancer-free until the onset of cancer. Now there is a growing number of oncologists who opine that we have little bits of cancer in our bodies all the time. They say that the next frontier in the ‘War Against Cancer’ is not about focusing on the tumors but exploring how and why our bodies can become such a hospitable breeding ground for tumors, and how to reverse that. Anti-cancer foods are just the tip of the iceberg.

Part of the answer to this question has to do with Neuropsychoimmunology but perhaps another part has to do with something much simpler, our diet.

According to Li there are foods that inhibit the body from creating new blood vessels to feed a nascent tumor. With out a blood supply, the tumor cannot grow.

I enjoyed Li’s fresh perspective and clear instructions about what foods to consume to help starve a tumor. Share your thoughts in the comments below. I’ll be sure to respond.