While there is some commonality between patient issues that a doctor can reference, wellness requires a sensitivity to individual circumstances that I am acutely aware of. My practice is set up to offer a highly supportive treatment environment and to allow ample time to understand the full extent of a client’s health concerns.

In the first session I invite patients to discuss their top priorities for healing. This first conversation helps me evaluate a patient’s acute and chronic conditions as well as more subtle roadblocks to optimal health. From there I determine how acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine can help and create a personal treatment plan.


Areas of focus: obstetrics and gynecology, infertility, insomnia, digestive issues, headaches & anxiety.

I often include aromatherapy during sessions. Using essential oils on selected acupuncture points to augment the treatment. I use the highest quality oils, derived from organic and wild–grown plants that are sourced directly by my supplier who personally travels the globe and rigorously tests for purity.

And while foreign to many, herbal therapy is a very effective modality for addressing wellness issues of all types. I prescribe herbal medicine as appropriate, customizing a formula geared to a patient’s specific needs. Each formula contains as many as fifteen herbs that have a synergistic effect to help alleviate a patient’s condition.

Most importantly, I am acutely aware of how complex our lives are. I tailor my practice around what it means to be a healthy woman in todays world. Not just on the surface but through our relationship with our bodies and our ability to be vital in the world. Acupuncture is just one of the disciplines that I practice to help my patients navigate life with grace and dignity.