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Acupuncture for Fertility and Infertility With Dr. Catherine Price [Video]


Anyone struggling with fertility will let you know that it is not a pleasant feeling when things don’t go as planned . This post covers the ways in which Acupuncture and Chinese medicine can help, either by itself or in conjunction with IUI or IVF.

When thinking about acupuncture for fertility and infertility, understanding the ways in which this care can work seamlessly with western medicine. Dr. Catherine Price discusses how she thinks about advising her patients. These concepts will help clarify your expectations and make it easier for you to find the help appropriate for your situation.


In this video I’m going to talk about how I treat patients with issues with fertility.

First and foremost, it’s important to find out if patients have actually been having intercourse on the right day of a woman’s cycle.  Some women actually ovulate at day 17; if she and her partner are trying at day 11, 12, and 13 they’re missing the window entirely.  So then I ask a patient to use an ovulation predictor test for 3 months to get a better idea of when, in fact, she’s actually ovulating.  After a few months of being more aware of when she’s ovulating, if she’s still not pregnant, at that point it makes sense just to have a look up by a doctor just to make sure she’s actually ovulating; to check FSH levels – make sure they’re low enough; to check on her fallopian tubes to make sure they’re not blocked.

Also in terms of the male to make sure he has a good sperm count, also good motility and also that there’s good morphology that the sperm’s actually shaped in the way that makes it easier for conception.  So, if there is an issue with any of this, of course it makes sense at that point to go to a reproductive endocrinologist or because further medical help is needed but so often for many couples, they get checked out – she’s fine, he’s fine – and really the issue with fertility is that nobody can figure out what the problem is.  They’re having intercourse on the right day, his sperm is fine, her ovaries are fine, her endometrium is thick enough and it’s just that it’s not happening and that is the case for so many people – so many couples – that it’s frustrating.  So, many of those couples come to see me, also couples who also are going through IUI and IV have come to me, but so often it’s patients who are just trying to go it alone, go it on their own and try and figure out what they can do holistically instead of go to a reproductive endocrinologist.  So, one thing I do for these couples – and I mostly see the woman and why that is is another conversation I suppose – probably because the men don’t want to come in and talk to me about their sperm. However, for the woman, even obviously conception happens inside the womb and we need her to be strong enough to get pregnant but also the real issue is carrying a pregnancy to term, so I try and work on increasing the endometrium to help implantation be more successful.  I try and reduce her stress and then also, you know, at the point where she’s trying to get pregnant, I see her week late to try and reduce the chance of miscarriage.

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