When she was nine, Catherine Price already showed the signs of what she would become. In the nearby fields around her parents’ home in Vermont, the young girl gathered corn husks, boiled them and applied the steeped liquid to her hair. To what end? None, if you consider the moment to be nothing more than child’s play. And yet, within the game there existed an inquisitiveness pushing Price to learn and eventually roam the world, living peripatetically, sniffing, feeling…determining the intersection where health, beauty, and culture converged.

Her education began at New York’s Columbia University which later honed itself towards a post graduate degree in Chinese herbal medicine from the New England School of Acupuncture. It was during this time, in 2007, that Price worked under Dr. Tao Xie, taking his acclaimed post-graduate herbal training program. Becoming a doctor of acupuncture galvanized her understanding of the anatomy and how wellness existed both above and beneath the skin.

In seven years of practice, Price has directed her energies while deepening her affinity to her own sex through her work with infertility and treating patients who come to her during a time when they have lost faith in their bodies. And while witnessing great shows of strength from women overcoming fertility’s hurdles; an intimacy with their struggles battling depression has emerged as an important component of her care.